VPS Server Setup and Configuration

When you have a great blog with good traffic, hosting on a shared server might not be a good idea as it might go down when your traffic increases. The next step would be to get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which gives you full control of your server and also install you own software. We at BlogBytes offer expert help in setting up your VPS server in LAMP platform, optimize Apache for best usage and install your website software like WordPress, Joomla etc. We also provide help in moving your blog from shared hosting to VPS hosting. You can customize our packages based on your needs. Basic packages include;

  • LAMP optimization on VPS minimum 10hr work (including monitoring of traffic)
  • WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal installation and setup. 10hr work ( installation of LAMP , setting up firewall, optimization)
  • Website optimization package which include finding the bottlenecks which prevents the smooth loading of webpages.
  • Optional: FTP server configuration.

If you want to customize your package or know about our rates for each package, please contact us at nirmal@nirmaltv.com.